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EU chief urges Europe to build cutting-edge computer chips

EU chief urges Europe to build cutting-edge computer chips

European Union chief, Thierry Breton on Tuesday, stated that Europe must produce its own cutting-edge computer processors.

He praised the European Chips Act, which was passed last month, and stressed that Europe should not be limited to research or making relatively outdated chips.

“With the Chips Act now agreed, we are sending a strong signal to all of you, in Europe and outside, that Europe is open for business,” he said at an Antwerp semiconductor conference.

The Chips Act is Europe’s response to similar measures to stimulate chip manufacturing in the United States, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan.

Breton reiterated his objective of increasing Europe’s share of global chip manufacturing to 20% from 10% currently, while experts say the EU plan reflects less help than either the US or China is delivering.

According to Breton, the strategy serves as a paradigm for a new generation of more proactive industrial strategies, such as “direct support for the manufacturing br in Europe across the entire supply chain: being excellent in research is not enough.” To be industrially relevant, one must develop plants and manufacture in Europe.”

He also dismissed the notion that Europe should just focus on its existing skills in manufacturing relatively older chips, primarily for the automotive industry.

According to him, the Chips Act has resulted in new initiatives being planned by Intel, Infineon, STMicroelectronics, and Global Foundries. TSMC, which manufactures the world’s most advanced chips, is exploring a move to Germany.

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