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Google ranks Nigeria highest on search for love 2023

Google ranks Nigeria highest on search for love 2023


By Christian George

Google, on Monday, released a report ranking Nigeria the highest search for love ahead of 2023 Valentine’s day on Tuesday.

According to the data, Nigeria has been leading on the list of countries searching for dating apps worldwide.

Punch reported that in the past week, Google said the search for “the origin of Valentine” also increased by 200%. The data also showed that searches for “Valentine messages for boyfriend” had risen by 300% in the past week, and “Valentine hairstyle” also surged by 250% over the same period.

It was further noted that searches for ‘best dating app in the world’ rose by 250%.

Also, valentine’s gift ideas for him in Nigeria” and “best Valentine’s gift for girlfriend” both increased by 120% in the past week.

The Communications and Public Relations Manager, Google West Africa, Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade reiterated that the search helps Nigerians in finding answers to their pressing questions.

In his words, “it underscores the importance of search in these exciting moments.”

Other trending searches included “is Valentine’s day for Muslim? When was Valentine’s day created? How to celebrate Valentine’s day in school? What to do on Valentine’s day with your boyfriend? How did Valentine come about? Is Valentine worldwide? Who discovered Valentine’s day? How to wish your boyfriend Happy Valentine’s day? What to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s day in high school? How to survive Valentine’s Day alone?”

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