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Instagram introduces bookmarking feature

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Instagram introduced a bookmarking feature called “collections” in 2017, which allows users to organize the posts they save into private groups for easier access.

However, Instagram is now rolling out a new feature that allows users to create collections with their friends.

In an email, the social network informed TechCrunch that it is launching “collaborative collections,” a way for people to connect with friends based on shared interests by saving posts to a collaborative collection in their group chat or a one-on-one DM.

In other words, you can now share posts with a friend or group of friends and save them in a specific location.

“Now when you go to save a piece of content on Feed or from your DMs, you’ll see a new option to create a collaborative collection,” Instagram head Adam Mosseri said on Wednesday in the Instagram IG Updates Channel.

“From there you can give the collection a custom name and share the collection with your friends. Once they receive it, your friends can start adding content from reels, Explore, Feed and DMs to the collection as well.”

Any chat participant can add or remove posts from the collection. Users can also add posts shared in a chat directly to a collaborative collection.

The launch of the new feature coincides with the introduction of a new way for Instagram users to connect with others on the social media platform.

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