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Managers who don’t use AI will lose their jobs–IBM exec

Managers who don't use AI will lose their jobs–IBM exec

IBM Chief Commercial Officer Rob Thomas In a press event on Tuesday, stated that managers who use AI will replace those who do not.

“AI may not replace managers, but the managers that use AI will replace the managers that do not,” Rob Thomas, chief commercial officer at IBM, said during a recent press conference

“It really does change how people work.”

Thomas’ AI musings come just a week after IBM put a halt to hiring for jobs that could be replaced by AI.

“I could easily see 30% of that getting replaced by AI and automation over a five-year period,” IBM CEO Arvind Krishna told Bloomberg, referring to the company’s 26,000 non-customer-facing roles. This equates to around 7,800 jobs being replaced by tech

ChatGPT has been used by businesses to build code, create marketing materials, and make proposals to new clients.

According to new research, ChatGPT may also be effective at personnel management. Researchers at Jobsage, an employee transparency website, led ChatGPT to produce emails that address 15 “sensitive management scenarios,” such as an employee who was discovered intoxicated on the job and an employee who learned they were being laid off.

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