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Twitter down, images, links broken

Twitter unveils feature for emoji reactions in DMs

Twitter is having another problem, as the links to images are broken.

There are numerous people who are currently unable to read links and images on the microblogging platform.

Reports on the independent web monitoring service Downdetector indicate that the problems started on Monday evening.

When a link is clicked, an error notice appears that reads, “Your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint; for more information, please see”

The error message’s link also seems to be broken.

Since Twitter no longer has a media relations division, it is impossible to reach them for comments on the problems.

This most recent disruption occurred approximately a week after Elon Musk cut more than 200 workers in the organization’s most recent round of layoffs.

Many worried that Twitter would gradually disintegrate when Elon Musk acquired control of the social network in October and sacked thousands of staff. Twitter has had problems in recent months, but this isn’t the first time.

Both Martijn de Kuijper, the CEO of newsletter app Revue, and Esther Crawford, the head of Twitter Blue, were let go.

Several components of the social network, including the timeline, were damaged just a few days ago for users everywhere.

Twitter started informing users last month that they had exceeded their “daily rate limit,” and another glitch prevented users from following other users.

The social network experienced issues in December and displayed a “rate-exceeding limit” notice to users.

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