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Twitter record 1.6 million new users, says Musk

Elon Musk to launch paid verification for Twitter

Twitter owner, Elon Musk, said that the number of the microblogging platform’s daily active users has been rising, resulting in additional 1.6 million members in the previous week.

He said that the week’s record was yet another all-time high for the microblogging platform.

The platform’s average weekly users increased by 1.6 million, from 257.8 million in the week concluded, November 13, to 259.4 million in the week ended, November 20, according to a chart posted by Musk.

The rise in users coincides with rumors that users are abandoning Twitter as a result of Elon Musk’s unfavorable policies, which have been implemented since he acquired control of the company.

These include the addition of $8 a month for the Blue Check and the restoration of accounts that Twitter had previously banned for disobeying its rules.

As some Twitter programmers left their positions last week, a number of hashtags, including “#RIPTwitter” and “#GoodByeTwitter,” began to trend on the website.

Users feared that after the engineers left, the company would soon fail.

However, Musk asserted that individuals who are important to the company are staying, nevertheless.

Meanwhile, Musk revealed on Monday night that he had postponed the anticipated Twitter Blue relaunch.

The initial rollout of the subscription plan had failed because impersonators had quickly made verified accounts using the identities of well-known people who are not on Twitter.

Musk stated that the relaunch will wait until he is confident that impersonators can no longer benefit from the subscription service.

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