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Hytch launches ride-sharing app

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Hytch, an app that connects car owners and passengers going in similar directions, has been launched.

According to the founder and Chief Executive Officer, Laolu Onifade, the app was built to create a travel network of car owners that could earn extra income by offering riding services to passengers moving towards their routes.

He said, “In the world today where everyone needs an extra means of income, we built Hytch to help car owners earn more and for passengers who are the riders to spend less to commute.

“The concept of ride-sharing isn’t new to Africa as it exists with everyday people who get into danfos and other public transportation services to move around in which they are literally sharing the ride with others.

“Carpooling with private drivers is also not a new concept as well. We see car owners parking at bustops to pick up people going in the same direction as them because it is more convenient and comfortable than danfos.”

“Hytch is a technology company built to help foster the sharing culture as well as input safety features and help car owners earn even more as they are connecting with other passengers in real time.”

According to Onifade, passengers would spend less on transportation as they shared rides with up to three people. He added that the app would verify all its users before they could be used and had a panic button that would send their locations to their friends and families in emergency cases.

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