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US varsity invents robotic shoes for faster walking

US varsity invents robotic shoes for faster walking

The United States of America’s Stanford University has invented a mobility ‘robotic’ shoe that aids walking.

The shoe is designed to increase your pace while walking to allow you to cover more distance faster using fewer muscles or burning less energy.

In a video culled from NowThisNews, a postdoctoral scholar at Sandford University, Patrick Slade said “when the device is exciting, it feels like you have a sort of spring in your step.

“It kinda launches you as you’re walking and propels you forward, and at first it takes a bit of getting used to but after you’ve been using it for a while, and you turn it off, you can really tell it does feel like you’re taking a large load off your body.”

The device, a product of researchers at Stanford University uses motors and censors to perform the work that ordinarily be done by one’s calf muscle.

Stanford University says the boot allows wearers to walk 9% faster while using 17% less energy.

“One of the most important aspects of life is mobility, the ability to get from one place to another, just under your own power and many people have that disability that makes that very challenging.

“And everyone as they get older slows down and finds walking more effortful, So, we are developing an exoskeleton that makes walking – easy and faster for all of us,” an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, Steve Collins said, commenting on the boots.

Watch the video below:


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