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World’s first electric flying boat launches in France

World's first electric flying boat launches in France

French tech startup, SeaBubbles, has unveiled the world’s first hydrogen-electric flying boat named SeaBubble in Cannes city of France.

According to New Atlas, the 26.2 by 11.5 feet pod-shaped flying boat named SeaBubble was unveiled at the 2022 Cannes Yacht Show.

The ‘floating’ feature of the 8 to12-passenger boat is activated by three carbon fibre foils after raising its composite fibre hull 24 inches above the water and it is propelled by two 45-kW motors and powered by both hydrogen fuel cells and a lithium-ion battery pack.

SeaBubble can cruise at speeds of 22 knots (25 mph) at its fastest. Other features of this one-of-a-kind vessel include heating and air conditioning, an audio system, comfortable seats, an anti-fouling system, and tinted windows.

Meanwhile, the first Seabububble units are being manufactured; however, the price is yet to be determined.

Candela, a Swedish company, recently developed a similar all-electric boat, dubbed “The Boats of the Future.”

The 28-foot C-8 uses no fossil fuels and is outfitted with a next-generation hydrofoil system.

The system’s retractable foils and electric motor extend when the boat reaches a certain speed, similar to the SeaBubble.

“Conventional speedboats are actually some of the most energy-inefficient crafts on the planet,” Candela communications manager, Mikael Mahlberg told Cnet.

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